Why I’m standing as an independent

Alastair Tibbett asks Gordon Murdie why he’s standing for Southside/Newington ward as an independent:

“Of course, just because I’m an independent doesn’t mean I don’t have political views. But when you see where the five parties and their 58 representatives have got us I think it’s time for independents.

“Power is not my meat and drink. Whatever role I would play would be a role driven by common sense and honesty and representing the people who hopefully will be kind enough to vote for me.

“I think being a councillor is a very personal relationship and I’ll be serving the people who elect me. I won’t be serving a political party.

“Once you think along common sense lines, the needs of the people are not what a party tells me to think.

“I’ve not been a great one ever for being told what to do, and doing it without question.”

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