Gordon Murdie for Southside/Newington

Dear fellow local resident,

I am privileged to have been asked to stand as your local independent candidate.

People died for the right to vote yet local elections bring out in many of us a torpid state of abject boredom with underlying symptoms of resigned apathy.

A periodic plethora of party politicians pressing the flesh, peppering us with their pamphlets and promising anything that they perceive may prove popular. Pretending things are perfect and blaming one (or all) of the other parties for anything that went slightly or even catastrophically wrong.

All this for a few years of “power” during which a number forget that they were actually elected to represent the people of Edinburgh, to ensure the best value delivery of a variety of important services to our community and to have a quality of vision commensurate with the local, national and international standing and aspirations of our wonderful Capital City.

As your elected Councillor, I promise to represent and serve the best interests of Southside/Newington, to listen to your local concerns, to share a vision for this great City of ours and to be your voice in the Council.

To do this, I need your help. Please take a look at this blog and if it ticks the boxes for you then please put a 1 in my box on 3rd May.

Thank you & kind regards

Gordon Murdie

Gordon Murdie - Independent

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