Newington Library celebrates World Book Day

Best wishes for World Book Day at Newington Library.

Monday is World Book Day and to celebrate Newington is giving out mystery books selected by the staff.Yes that’s right mystery books, come in to the library and ask for a specially wrapped suprise book, either it will prove to be a gateway to a wonderful new world or a source of grave disappointment and I guess that’s what will make it fun!

As someone once said “a house without books is like a room without windows”.

Nothing beats sitting down, turning the pages and getting lost in a good book – a Kindle is just not the same.

3 Responses to “Newington Library celebrates World Book Day”

  1. John Says:

    That will have been a Horace Mann quote (US educator, the first great American advocate of public education, 1796-1859)

  2. Kerry Says:

    I was delighted to see that you’re a library supporter.

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