Orwellian truths through your letterbox

Good intentions are not good enough – if one needs a triple heart bypass operation then presumably the services of a skilled surgeon would be preferred to a well intentioned passer by who happened to be a member of a national political party.

What makes a true CHAMPION?

You have to take your hat off to them – or eat it.

Taking local democracy seriously, as I do, it is disappointing that Orwellian “truths” are being delivered through letterboxes at a relentless pace. Some parties are managing to deliver 4 sets of leaflets whilst the independent has had to settle for achieving one delivery of 15,600 pamphlets.

Party leaders are in the local papers daily and it seems it’s all about National Politics rather than local issues and democracy – a growing number of people are more than a little disillusioned at being treated as fools.

My pamphlet – “at last an election pamphlet worth reading” according to a leading academic – makes mention of the Trams Fiasco and the Statutory Notices Scandal and sets down an accurate representation of how poor basic local services really are. The parties make no mention of this, blame each other, promise a wonderful future and forget that our City is in a bit of a mess and needs new blood to reverse the decline.

A picture of a new bus shelter and a 20mph sign may fool some people into believing that the 5 parties and their 58 Councillors have done very well indeed – well the international shame of the Trams Fiasco says otherwise, perhaps that’s why they fail to mention it. In the real world, one blunder of that scale and you are down to the Job Centre!

I fully accept that, to a man or woman, Councillors set out with good intentions of political party advancement and doing a bit of good along the way.

In the spirit of appreciating that people do the best they can, it nonetheless astonishes me that the Transport Convener (trams) and former Board Member of TIE (trams) makes mention of recycling cardboard but forgets about the Trams Fiasco!!

“Re-elect LOCAL champion Gordon Mackenzie” the leaflet screams.

“LOCAL” despite the leaflet being printed by Kestrel Press, South Newmoor, Industrial Estate in IRVINE – how local is that and are there no printers in our City that print fiction?

“CHAMPION” The international shame of the Trams Fiasco, businesses and lives ruined in Leith Walk and beyond etc. Champion? Neither wonder it had to be printed in Irvine.

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