About Gordon Murdie

I grew up in the Southside (Rankeillor Street then Hallhead Road) and moved back here to Mayfield Road in 2010. I’m managing director of Quantus QS, a quantity surveying firm in Edinburgh. I’d been following the statutory notice scandal and the BBC asked me to speak as an expert on their programme Scotland’s Property Scandal. Feel your money is being haemorrhaged by institutional ineptitude and petty party politics? Me too. Rather than moan about it or stand for it, I am standing for election as an independent.

I fail to understand what possible relevant role national party political intransigencies have to offer in running our capital city.

We simply wish Edinburgh to be a clean, enjoyable, considerate, safe and caring place to live: for the nurturing and education of our young, the care of our elderly, facilities for recreation and leisure, ready help for those in need — and the bins emptied.

What’s party political about that?

Vote for Gordon Murdie

2 Responses to “About Gordon Murdie”

  1. Why I’m backing Gordon Murdie | Edinburgh Eye Says:

    […] Gordon Murdie is standing as an independent in Southside/Newington. I haven’t lived within what are now the Southside/Newington ward boundaries since 1986: I’ve been a Leither ever since. […]

  2. Edinburgh Commentary Roundup. « Tychy Says:

    […] of politics? Edinburgh’s leading leftish blog EdinburghEye plumps for the independent candidate Gordon Murdie, who is standing in Newington out of exasperation at an ongoing statutory repairs scam. It has gone […]

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